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Zugspitze Cable Car Damaged

This is not a good week for tramways in Europe. An incident this week on the highest mountain in Germany severely damaged one of two Eibsee Cable Car cabins during a practice exercise. Apparently a rescue carrier broke loose due to a broken chain...

IKON Pass adds Solitude and Brighton

The Ikon Pass has added Solitude Mountain Resort, following Alterra’s closing on this acquisition earlier this month, and added neighboring Brighton Resort as an Ikon partner. This brings Ikon’s five Utah connections as a full unlimited access...

Alps gets snow storm!

The Alps just got hammered with up to 35cm of snowfall, the snow storm especially hit Italy and Austria. As forecast the Alps got a good early snow during the passage of the cold front last night and this morning. Elevations above about 2000 m got...

Anonymous Buyer Purchases Resort

An anonymous buyer recently purchased Pine Mountain Ski & Golf Resort in Iron Mountain, Michigan, and has already begun making improvements to the year-round resort while business operations continue. The same anonymous buyer also purchased the...


Canada’s Men’s WC Tech Team Erik Read, Simon Fournier, Morgan Megarry and Trevor Philp. Missing is Phil Brown who is recovering from knee surgery. By Ken Read It’s July. Glacier training season is underway. From Stelvio to Les-2...

Warren Miller's Journal

Ski Season is Upon Us

By Warren MillerIt’s that time of the year once again, when we are thinking about skiing, but not really doing it. In fact, when I introduced my new film in Seattle last week, I said, “Showing ski movies in November is like showing a pornographic...

The Quick Change Artist

By Warren MillerI spent most of the first 40 years of my life changing into my bathing suit in the front seat of my car when I went surfing, so it was no big deal for me to change into my ski clothes in the bank parking lot. I had taken off my...

Warren Miller on Melting Snow

By Warren Miller All my wife and I have to do is go outside, walk about a hundred feet and put our skis on and head down to the bottom of the chairlift. Across the valley, ugly brown spots are already starting to show up in the melting snow. We have...

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