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Summit at Snoqualmie releases 2030 Master Plan

Summit at Snoqualmie in Washington released their trail forward 2030 plan of investing in the future of their mountain. They wrote, “Summit 2030 is our vision for the future of your home mountain. Our trail forward is designed for our local...

Mt. Hood gets Six Feet in Five Days!

An amazing April snow storm dropped more than six feet of snow at Mt. Hood Meadows in five days! Forget Spring – it’s been full on winter this week at Mt. Hood Meadows. Since it started snowing last Friday around 5 PM, Mt. Hood Meadows has...

Ski Flying

By Warren Miller Many years ago when everything was cheap by today’s standards, it still took ‘x’ hours of hard work to earn ‘x’ amount of money. In the early 1960’s I could still buy a basic Volkswagen Bug for under a thousand dollars in Munich. I...

Vail Resorts launches 2022/23 Epic Pass

Vail Resorts launched its Epic Pass products for the 2022-’23 season and their prices have increased, but only slightly. Last season Vail Resorts cut Epic Pass prices by 20 percent across the board and sold a record total of 2.1 million Epic Passes...

Vail Resorts to Invest in their Team

Vail Resorts rolled out a new direction in a company-wide email sent by the CEO Kirsten Lynch. The new direction includes a new incremental annual $175 million investment in its employees that includes a $20 per hour starting wage, a commitment to...

Heliskiing is illegal in France

For many skiers, heliskiing is their dream. Visions of endless powder fields, untouched powder lines, and the glamour and rugged extreme feeling of being transported by a private helicopter. Technically Heliskiing in France was outlawed under...

Warren Miller's Journal

All Good Things Must Come to an End

By Warren MillerAll good things must come to an end. Ski season is slowly winding down. This is the time of year to stop by the ski shop and see if that special pair of boots or skis that you have been wanting all winter has been discounted below...

Real Skiers Sleep in Parking Lots

By Warren MillerThings were a little different in 1948 because racers hadn’t even started to use duct tape to keep our pants from flapping and slowing us down. Our agents could have sold advertising space to the duct tape company if a racer had...

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