Calgary Aerialist World Champion

Warren Shouldice joined the ranks of the great Canadian aerialists tonight by winning the World Championship title and scoring a perfect score on his most difficult trick.

Sitting in seventh position after his first jump of two, Calgary, Alberta’s Shouldice was hoping he could score high enough with his lay, triple full, full – a quadruple twisting triple backflip – to put him onto the podium. But when he landed his signature trick and looked up to the scoreboard he couldn’t believe what he saw – a perfect score of 139.50 for that jump – bringing his total score to 253.66 and giving him a convincing lead over second place finisher Qi Guangpu of China’s 250.95.

Last season’s overall points leader Anton Kushnir was third at 249.63.

“Even in my wildest dreams I couldn’t have imagined putting down a second jump like that to hear that score, 139.5, I’ll remember that for the rest of my life,” said a stunned Shouldice right after the event adding, “We’ve had so many great athletes in the past – like Nico Fontaine and Steve Omischl – and now you can add me to that list. It’s unreal. I feel honored to do well and represent my team and my country the way I have.”