Chris Del Bosco’s Ski Story

Chris Del Bosco

Coming off his most successful season of his career, Chris Del Bosco is charging forward with one goal in mind. He trains every day to be the number one ski cross racer in the world. Not one to settle for anything, he also holds his Olympic Gold dream close to his heart and looks forward to Sochi in 2014.

Chris Del Bosco
Chris Del Bosco became the fourth man in Skier X history to win two Skier X golds in 2012.

The world fell in love with Del Bosco after his triumphant display of spirit at the 2010 Olympic Games. He reminded everyone how important it is to set goals and to stick to them. Ever the confident yet quiet athlete, he continues to be recognized as one of the most respected and feared competitors on the hill.

Chris has an unparalleled record on the Ski Cross circuit, 50% of the time he finds a spot on the podium, which is an amazing feat with all the unknown variables coming at him. He races to win and more often than not it pays off.

His new ski story video: