Telluride Ski Patrol Finalizes Union Contract

“The approved contract is a win for patrol, a win for management and a win for the Telluride community, which can now be assured that the ski mountain will continue to operate with a professional ski patrol unit that is focused on safety in some of the most challenging mountain terrain in the country,” said Tony Daranyi, a 16-year ski patroller and member of the union bargaining committee that met with Telski management throughout the summer and fall to come to the agreement.

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Scott Clements, Telski’s director of ski patrol and risk management and part of the resort’s negotiating team, lauded the deal’s three-year term “because it means we don’t have to do this again and again, and can spend our time offering ski patrol services to our guests. We’re excited about moving forward.”

Neither side would disclose particulars of the contract, but ski patrol negotiators were able to secure wage increases across the board and for new patrollers, a freeze on changes to benefits for the duration of the contract, and an increase in equipment reimbursement. The contract also addresses maternity leave, paternity leave, medical leave, five-day work weeks and other previously undefined benefits. Ski patrollers also will now have access to a grievance procedure and arbitration.

CWA also represents patrollers at Canyons in Utah, as well as Steamboat Springs and Crested Butte in Colorado.