Fanatyk Co Providing the World’s Best

Fanatyk Co Skis & Bikes are without a question the best boot fitters in Whistler.

Their Mission is to provide customers with the World’s best ski and bike products and services. They continually strive to be the best in the industry with the goal of exceeding the expectations of each and every customer served.

Don’t asked them for a particular brand. They select ski boots that best suit your needs, then make them fit better. With over 100 years combined experience with boot fitters who are some of the best in the business. Let them find the perfect boot for you from their 45+ models from seven leading brands.

Should you need new skis Fanatyk will provide you with demos at no charge. Testing skis before committing to the purchase is important. Their demo fleet has almost every ski they sell, in every size.

If your only looking to rent the best skis available in Whistler, they do that too. Leave your old skis at home but don’t forget to bring your boots.

When you reserve your skis mention my name “Willi Vogl” and they will take care of you.

Also should you decide to buy boots or skis and any other accessories, like helmets, gloves, or goggles; you will get a 10% discount off the regular retail price.

If you need more info please contact me at: Willi Vogl

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