Snowiest place on Earth

After years of dealing with a statewide drought, California is the snowiest place on earth right now.

While many ski resorts in Europe were plagued by a slow start to the season, resorts in California were shut down earlier this month for too much snow.

Mammoth ski resort, near Yosemite National Park, reported a record-breaking month for snowfall. On January 25, the resort announced that it had received over three feet more snow than any other previous January. The area is expecting another 20 inches of snow in the coming days.

Most ski resorts across North America are reporting deep powder snow that is expected to remain throughout the season. Meanwhile ski conditions in Europe are decent—neither too bad nor too great—although the snow is not very powdery. At the moment, Mammoth is reporting 170 inches of snow depth. Obertauern, which bills itself as Austria’s snowiest ski resort, currently has 67 inches.


The incredible amount of snowfall in California means that resorts will likely keep the slopes open until mid-June.

The snow is even helping end California’s five-year drought—but at certain risk. Some resorts have shut down because of too much snow while avalanche risks in some mountainous regions are precariously high. Other parts of the state have flooded because of too much rainfall or melting snow.

California is expected to continue receiving snow. Ski the World!