“Days of My Youth” Universal Vibe

“Days of My Youth” was released in 2014 and it examined every skier’s lifelong affinity for skiing. Filmed over two years using state of the art techniques and technologies, this movie offerd a unique glimpse into the journey of self-discovery that every skier experiences – exploring the globe and escaping to the playground of the mountains.

Director, Scott Gaffney, commented, “I stumbled across this segment from our Matchstick movie, Days of My Youth, yesterday and had to give it a watch again. Back in 2014, I felt that with ski movies we’d strayed pretty far from what was relatable for 98% of our audience.”

“With Days of My Youth I wanted at least one segment that captured that universal vibe of having a blast ripping around a ski area on any given day with your buddies (having the talent and personalities of Cody Townsend, Banks Gilberti, Richard Permin and Sander Hadley doesn’t hurt). The segment has almost 4 million views, but better than that, reading through the comments is extremely gratifying because it sounds like what we were after really worked.”

Scott is a Matchstick Productions director and cinematographer, best known for McConkey (2013), Days of My Youth (2014), Superheroes of Stoke (2012) and Hoji (2018).

Here are some of the comments that prompted Scott’s reaction:

Watched this at least 50 times. Never gets old

Chase Root
I have probs watched this video 1,000 times. Never gets old.

Joe Balian
This is one of the best ski videos ever made. I’ve watched it like 200 times and it hasn’t gotten old.

Morgan Bialek
I’ve watched this video at least 100 times since it was posted and throughly enjoy it every single time.

Maybe the best ski video i ever seen . combined with alan watts lecturs this cant get any better . so stocked 

Tim Sharky Productions
gotta say this is one of the coolest vids Ive ever seen.. and thats coming from a snowboarder

Owen Kaufman
I have seen this at least 10 times and it never gets old

That was a really good segment. Reminds me of what skiing is usually about: Ripping around the mountain with your buddies in tracked out conditions, taking hits, goofing around and having a good time. It can’t always be balls deep powder. You have to make do with what you have!

Scott was also recognized as one of North America’s top 50 skiers at the turn of the millennium. Gaffney lives in Lake Tahoe, where he was Shane McConkey’s roommate as they built their careers and a lifelong friendship.

“We had a really unique relationship because not only were we best friends and roommates, but Shane’s place as an elite athlete and mine as a filmmaker allowed both of our careers to blossom,” Gaffney says. “To be able to share that path with your best friend was a special thing.”

Scott still gets in some fun on his days off, here is a POV from 2014.

What’s up next from Scott and MSP?