Industry Leaders Announce Joint Commitment to Fight Climate Change

Alterra Mountain Company, Boyne Resorts, POWDR, and Vail Resorts have joined forces to develop the Climate Collaborative Charter, a unified effort to combat climate change through shared sustainability and advocacy commitments.

“The idea for the four of us to unite in this pledge to combat climate change was actually formed at an industry conference in October of 2019, and it has endured many iterations and diligent review to get us to where we proudly are today,” said Boyne Resorts president and chief executive officer Stephen Kircher.

“We are very proud to be a part of this historic action and to co-create the industry’s first Climate Collaborative Charter,” said David Perry, executive VP of sustainability and special projects for Alterra Mountain Company.

All four companies have agreed to operate their combined 71 North American resorts with sustainability in mind and to use their collective voice to advocate for effective public policy on climate action. They have committed to broadening engagement and participation for employees, guests, and community members, and to an inclusive approach that consults voices and perspectives from all backgrounds.

“It is through bold environmental commitments and ongoing collaboration that we will have the most impact on protecting and preserving the great outdoors,” said Vail Resorts senior director of sustainability Kate Wilson. “Through the Climate Collaborative Charter, we look forward to partnering with these passionate leaders—and the entire industry—to leverage our progress and support many others on the same journey.”

As part of the charter, Alterra, Boyne, POWDR, and Vail Resorts have agreed to several actions. The resort companies commit to:
– reduce energy use wherever possible and aggressively pursue renewable energy sources to be carbon neutral;
– climate action and advocacy for effective public policy to accelerate the shift to a renewable energy economy;
– strong efforts and goals to reduce waste;
– be responsible stewards of the environment—the land, forests, watersheds, and habitats that provide the pristine locations – – where we live, work, and host guests; and
– share best practices to accelerate change in their respective companies and communities.

They also pledge to:
– support the National Ski Areas Association’s Sustainable Slopes platform;
– incorporate sustainability into all aspects of their owned and operated mountain resorts;
– lead by example and educate employees and guests about sustainability;
– place collaboration over competition when it comes to sustainability; and
– advocate for climate protection.

The four companies are urging all mountain resorts outside of their groups to commit to similar action.

“We all must reach across the chairlift to work together, and the Climate Collaborative Charter is a phenomenal step of unity that complements on-site actions like using solar power at all of our resorts,” said POWDR director of corporate responsibility Laura Schaffer. “POWDR is eager to work with Alterra Mountain Company, Boyne Resorts, Vail Resorts, NSAA, and the mountain resort industry as a whole, as a united front to drive necessary change.”

Source: SAM