Blue Mountain Sold for $32 Million

Blue Mountain, Pennsylvania, has been sold for nearly $32 million to BMR Resort, a Denver-based LLC formed by equity firm KSL Capital Partners. KSL Capital is affiliated with KSL Resorts, which took over management of Blue Mountain in May.

Details about the management agreement remained opaque until the deed, recorded July 13, according to local news outlets, was made public, indicating that prior Blue Mountain operator Tuthill Corporation had indeed sold the ski area to BMR Resort.

KSL Capital confirmed that BMR Resort is the company it formed to buy the land, buildings and assets of Tuthill Corp. Blue Mountain president and CEO Barb Green is an owner of BMR and will continue as CEO of the resort.

Green’s father, Ray Tuthill, founded the resort as Little Gap Ski Area in 1977, and re-established it as Blue Mountain in 1989. Tuthill died in 2007, and Green took over the resort, making several investments to expand it into a year-round operation.

In May, Green said about the merger, “I look forward to partnering with KSL to further enhance Blue Mountain Resort and welcome their resort expertise and five-star approach to guest experiences.”