Lake Louise Ski Resort hires CEO

The Lake Louise Ski Resort has hired Rich Burkley to take on the role of CEO in the coming months. Burkley has been Aspen Skiing Company’s senior vice president of strategy and business development.

Lake Louise is family owned and operated by Charlie Locke, his wife, Louise and their two daughters, Robin and Kimberley.

Burkley joins the Lake Louise team as it moves toward the completion of a major lift, terrain, and infrastructure expansion. Burkley and wife Bobbie are in the process of home searching to be ready for the start date of September 1.

Burkley joined Aspen 33 years ago, taking a position in the company’s purchasing department. Growing through the ranks, he subsequently worked in accounting and finance, served as director of the ski and snowboard schools, and held the role of vice president of mountain operations.

“Making the decision to leave a team I respect, experiences I cherish, and a job I love has been incredibly difficult, but this is an opportunity I can’t pass up,” said Burkley. “I wouldn’t leave Aspen to go just anywhere; I believe I’m leaving the best ski resort in the U.S. to join the best one in Canada. This opportunity comes at a time when my kids are grown and I’m ready for new mountains (glaciers!) and adventures.”

Aspen president and CEO Mike Kaplan warmly expressed his excitement for Burkley and his wife, Bobbie, as they prepare for the big move. “I’ve worked with Rich for 29 of his 33 years here and we’ve been through a lot together, from ski school to operations, to Covid, not to mention quite a few adventures in the mountains and on the rivers, he’s been there for me every step of the way,” Kaplan. “I know he will achieve great things at Lake Louise and I’m incredibly proud and happy for he and Bobbie to be embarking on this journey.”

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Source: SAM