$309 Single Day Lift Ticket

Arizona Snowbowl is charging three hundred and nine US dollars for one day of skiing this Saturday. It happened because 5 million people live in metropolitan Phoenix and this is the only place to ski.

Mountain Capital Partners (MCP) has invested tens of millions into Snowbowl, standing up four new chairlifts in the past eight years and running a snowmaking system five miles and 3,000 vertical feet.

Rather than limit the number of walk-up lift-tickets sold on any day, MCP is maximizing it’s return with supply and demand economics. On Tuesday the walk-up lift-tickets will be priced at $54.

Mountain Capital Partners recently became the majority owner of Valle Nevado, Chile, the largest ski resort in the Americas by acreage.

Over the past two decades, MCP has acquired, built, developed, and grown 10 resorts in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and a mountain bike park in Texas. Since 2015, MCP has invested more than $65 million in improvements at its ski areas and bike parks including new chairlifts, Arizona’s first and only gondola, trails, snowmaking, and other capital projects.

Skiing is big business and the price of a walk-up lift-ticket has become out of reach for a vast majority of families. Has committing for the season become the only affordable option?

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