Avalanche takes out Snowcat and buries two

Two people were in a snowcat on Gold Ridge near Morgan, Utah when an avalanche came barreling down.

The avalanche buried the two people in the snowcat and fortunately for them, they were with five other people who were also in a snowcat. The other five began digging them out, they were able to reach one of the passengers who was later taken to a hospital with a head injury.

But the snowcat had fallen on one man, trapping his leg beneath the massive vehicle, they dug a hole so he could breathe until rescuers arrived, deputies said.

Rescuers reached them within an hour and began working to save the man who stuck under the snowcat. Once he was freed, he was then airlifted to a hospital with a “significant leg injury,” rescuers said.

Rescue teams were able to extricate the individual that was trapped under the snowcat. This took coordination and transportation of firefighters and EMT’s, “The Jaws of Life,” sawzalls, and other heavy rescue equipment through approximately 5 miles of deep snow from the staging area to the scene. Snowmobiles and tracked UTV’s helped to transport all of these people and equipment to the scene of the avalanche.

“Despite the challenging conditions and the treacherous terrain, personnel worked diligently to ensure that everyone involved was rescued safely,” the Morgan County Fire and EMS said.

Spring conditions are happening…the heat is on, the snowpack is over 800 inches, and the winds have been creating slabs. Springtime in the mountains is dangerous, be safe.

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Source: Yahoo Sports