The Paradise Paradox

The Paradise Paradox

The Paradise Paradox delivers a long overdue look at the mental health crisis that’s been sweeping our mountain towns. Ski racer Bode Miller tells the story through the experiences of not only the local heroes who are confronting these challenges but also renowned figures like Olympic gold medalist Mikaela Shiffrin.

The film explores how party culture, addiction, isolation, loneliness, the high cost of mountain living and inadequate public health resources in ski towns contribute to higher suicide rates.

A paradox exists in paradise: Too many people living in ski towns suffer with mental health problems, including a staggering number who’ve died by suicide in recent years, when it seemed like they should be having the time of their lives.

This happens due to a confluence of forces: wealth gaps in mountain towns that grew into chasms during the COVID pandemic; lack of affordable housing; communities that rely on shredding during the day and partying at night for their happiness; and lack of adequate mental health services to help those dealing with any of these struggles cope.

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