Pitztal Sets Goal of 100% Solar Power

100% Solar Power

Pitztal has set an ambitious goal of achieving 100% solar power year around.

The glacier resort nestled in the Tirol region of Austria has already successfully transitioned to running entirely on solar electricity during the summer months.

Presently, during the winter season, approximately 30% of the resort’s energy needs are met through solar power, but there are ambitious plans in place to reach full solar power capacity during the ski season.

If achieved, Pitztal would become the first ski resort to accomplish this feat.

In 2015, the resort inaugurated a significant solar array situated at an elevation of 2840m above sea level. The innovative design of the panels, suspended on cables, allows them to track the sun’s movement and clear snow accumulation automatically.

This cutting-edge system boasts an impressive average annual electricity generation of 1.4 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) from solar energy alone.

In addition to solar power, the resort utilizes other renewable energy sources such as hydro-energy, wind energy, biomass, additional photovoltaics, and biogas.

Expressing their commitment to sustainability, the resort stated, “It is our clear goal to achieve energy self-sufficiency throughout the year. We are working towards this objective by expanding our photovoltaic system further.”

Given the resort’s location in a sensitive natural environment, a meticulous and environmentally conscious approach is imperative. Therefore, the development and expansion of the solar power infrastructure undergo rigorous approval processes by environmental authorities.

Nevertheless, despite aspirations, the resort acknowledges the challenges of translating intentions into action.

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