Squaw Mountain Reopens After Three Years

Squaw Mountain, Maine, is hoping to reopen over the Martin Luther King weekend after two years of being closed. The small ski area boasted an impressive 1,700-foot vertical when its summit lift was in operation, but an accident in 2004 that injured four skiers put the lift out of action and it has not operated since. Undeterred, The Friends of Squaw Mountain, a nonprofit organization, signed a lease with the current owner to operate the lower portion of the mountain, which is serviced by a second lift. The lease terms were $1 for one year. The community came together, raised $18,000 and countless volunteers came in to work on the lodge, the slopes and the lift. Organizers hope to open eight intermediate and beginner trails.

According to the Bangor Daily News, field inspectors, lift inspectors and fire inspectors have signed off on the site. Now the area needs an insurance inspection, a load test and a health inspection of the small snack bar. Once completed, the ski area will be back in business.