Bumps: A Mogul Skiing Documentary

Great news for freestyle skiing fans, Bumps: A Mogul Skiing Documentary, is now online. If features the criminally under-told story of the athletes who dedicate their lives to perfection in a sport where perfection is impossible. Directed by Canada’s very own Zac Hoffman, this video is a great opportunity for those that love the sport, or anyone being newly introduced to it, to learn about what mogul skiing is all about.

“Bumps” reaches deep into the heart of the mogul skiing world. Mogul skiing has become a very popular event at the Olympics, but beyond the fact that competitors ski down some bumps and do a couple jumps, spectators don’t really understand.

Hoffman said, “The sport has yet to be shown to the public in a way that does it justice. A mogul run is exciting to watch, but once someone knows what goes into being able to make it down that course, it becomes so much more. It’s a display of strength, intensity, finesse, strategy, individuality, and mental fortitude.”