Mont Sutton Sold

A group of Quebec investors has reached an agreement with the majority shareholders, the Boulanger family, to acquire Ski Sutton Inc., the owner of the Mont SUTTON ski resort. The investors include Jean Michel Ryan, Mont SUTTON’s General Manager, Sylvain Gervais of Enterprises Larry, and Pierre Chesnay, a former member of Uni-Select’s senior management.

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A meeting will take place in March of 2016, opening the floor for shareholder comments and opinions regarding the offer. While the investors have reached an agreement with the majority shareholders, the acquisition is pending subject to several conditions including acceptance by the majority of the Ski Sutton Inc.’s minority shareholders.

The investment team has submitted an ambitious plan that involves projects over the next four years including improvements to snowmaking, trail maintenance, and hotel and lodging infrastructure.

“Our vision of Mont SUTTON’s development will insure continued skiing and outdoors activities. Our approach has at its core the very same values that have given Mont SUTTON its enviable reputation. We will safeguard the mountain’s DNA and protect its authentic character. The entire community will reap the benefits of these future investments”, said Jean Michel Ryan.

In a separate agreement, the Nature Conservancy of Canada has agreed to purchased a portion of the Dos de l’orignal grounds, consolidating the Green Mountains Nature Reserve Sutton sector. The Nature Conservancy will be tasked with its protection and enhancement which, ultimately, may lead to an increased number of hiking trails.