Mikael Kingsbury Olympic Drive

Mikael Kingsbury is on a Olympic drive unlike any other athlete in Canada. Kingsbury has been billed as being the Wayne Gretzky of mogul skiing. Kingsbury won his 11th straight World Cup moguls title and his seventh career win in Calgary with another dominant performance.

“Yeah, I’ve gone a full year without losing a World Cup — it’s just crazy,” said Kingsbury. “But I’m not skiing for any record. I’m just skiing to be at my best. I’m having a lot of fun right now. It’s fun when you’re winning, for sure.”

“The entire day was really exciting. Matt and Dmitriy had scores that I never thought I’d have to beat. They put a lot of pressure on me to do my best; and once again, I was able to achieve that with my run in the super final,” Kingsbury said.

Kingsbury delighted the home crowd in Calgary to outscore Dmitiy Reikherd and Matt Graham, second and third on podium, and remains undefeated in the current season.

Mikaël Kingsbury has had the Gretsky comparison bestowed on him by athletes and the media due to his ability to break records at a pace never before seen in the sport.

Kingsbury took up mogul skiing at the age eight and was further inspired by Finland’s Janne Lahtela gold medal moguls victory at the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Games.

After being a forerunner at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver at the age of 17, Kingsbury has been on an incredible winning pace that has included the male record for FIS World Cup wins, five consecutive FIS Crystal Globes, as well as six World Championship medals over his career.Kingsbury continues Quebec’s legacy of producing world-class mogul skiers that includes his hero Jean-Luc Brassard and former teammate Alex Bilodeau.

It was with the now retired Bilodeau that Kingsbury proudly stood on the podium in Sochi with an Olympic silver medal as Canadians finished 1-2 during the competition.

Here are Kingsbury’s comments on the coming Olympic’s: