Multiple Gondola Pile-Up at Hochzillertal

A multiple gondola pile-up happened at the Hochzillertal ski area near Kaltenbach, Austria. Several 10-passenger gondolas on the Doppelmayr ”Wimbachexpress” got hung up on a tower and collided into one another.

They experienced very high winds all the sudden and stopped loading public and got everybody off. When they tried to pull the cars off the line the pile-up happened.

The incident occurred around eleven o’clock and the Wimbachexpress was only in operation to drive the gondolas into the station. It appears a cabin may have been stuck on tower six and four more drove against it. The cable car spokeswoman emphasizes that “at no time was there danger to persons since the entire railway was already empty”.

The gondola lift only began operation this year. With ten-passenger cabins, the Wimbachexpress replaced the previous quad chairlift “Krössbichl”. The Wimbachexpress is designed to carry up to 2600 people per hour.

The lift should be operational again this season.