Mikaël Kingsbury wins his 57th World Cup

Mikaël Kingsbury starts this season with his 57th World Cup victory in Ruka, Finland.

Kingsbury, who competed in the 100th competition of his career, took top honors with a final score of 90.80 points. He beat Japan’s Ikuma Horishima (87.39) and Swede Walter Wallberg (86.83).

“It was my 100th start, and it has always been a very special place for me,” said Kingsbury after the competition. I got my first podium, and the people here have always been great to me. I would like to thank all those who traveled for the occasion, all the former Finnish bosses, because they have always inspired me. ”

The hard-working Kingsbury had been beaten by Wallberg in the previous round, but that did not seem to worry him excessively. After learning that he finished 2nd, Kingsbury, simply stated, “Watch out, Walter!”

And what was to happen happened.

Kingsbury scored his ninth win on the Finnish slopes, earning the 82nd podium of his World Cup career.