Mt. Baldy Resort Reopened Today

Mt. Baldy Resort, in Southern California, reopening for skiing and riding today! Yes, they opened with a limited and entirely experimental operating plan to try and ensure social distancing guidelines are met amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Mt. Baldy’s website read, “Happy Earth Day everyone, great day on the mountain today and more in store for tomorrow. We can expect a few degrees higher temps which will soften things up a bit earlier, assuming the snow gets hard tonight. The forecast is calling for an overnight low of 49 degrees which is pretty warm. But, with an increase in wind perhaps it will dry things outa bit. The early bird gets the worm.”

We will be open for golf course style ‘Ski & Ride Times’ again tomorrow morning.

Only season pass holders and those who purchase a one-day lift ticket were admitted. Lift tickets include a reservation time, and visitors will not be checked in until their designated slot.

Mt. Baldy will check in a maximum of four people at 10-minute intervals.

Patrons must wear masks or face coverings consistent with the latest San Bernardino County COVID-19 health order, and vehicles must be parked at least 20 feet apart, according to the resort. Visitors also are asked to keep a healthy buffer around themselves, particularly while standing in line.

When it comes to the ski lifts themselves, “We suggest that you ride by yourself unless you decide to ride with someone you are in quarantine with,” the resort noted.

“Mt. Baldy Resort is not the ‘Quarantine Police’ and does not intend to be,” officials added. “We ask that you treat this matter with the respect that it deserves.”

As California moves through its fifth week under Gov. Gavin Newsom’s stay-at-home order, some jurisdictions have started relaxing certain rules regarding recreational areas — or begun lobbying the state for greater authority to loosen other restrictions.

Note that the state of California still has a stay-at-home order in place and, according to the state’s COVID-19 response website, only “essential services” are to be open for business.

In addition to ticketed guests and passholders, only scheduled staff and certified government agency personnel are permitted on the property. “All others will be turned away,” it says on the “COVID-19 Social Distancing Operations Plan” page on the resort’s website.

Guest services will not be available. The resort advises guests to pack a lunch, and take care of restroom breaks before they get to the mountain. No F&B will be available, and restrooms “will be available for use at the base of Chair #1 and in the Top of the Notch Restaurant. Bathrooms are maintained and sanitized according to a vigorous schedule,” according to the resort.

A pair of double chairlifts will be operating. Mt. Baldy is recommending guests ride alone or with a person they are quarantined with. “Mt Baldy Resort is not the ‘Quarantine Police’ and does not intend to be. We ask that you treat this matter with the respect that it deserves, and only ride with individuals you are quarantined with.”

Skiing and riding is for advanced ability levels only, and the resort asks guests not to take any unnecessary risks because, “Injuring yourself puts you and everyone involved in helping you at risk.” Guests must stand at least 10 feet apart, especially in lift lines. Rentals and lessons are not available.

Mt. Baldy concludes: “Our ability to operate under these circumstances relies heavily on cooperation from everyone. If you are not feeling 100 percent or have any intention of not treating this situation with the respect that it deserves, stay home.

“Mt. Baldy Resort would not be going through the difficult process of opening during these difficult times if we did not love operating this special mountain and YOU our stakeholders. Unfortunately, with the limited amount of access our modified operating plan permits, we have limitations to what we can accommodate: Partner resort passes, promotional tickets sold at pre-season snow shows, or any other pre-purchased online tickets will be addressed on a case by case basis prior to arrival.”

Source: SAM & Mt Baldy