Klaus Obermeyer – Survivor. Immigrant. Inventor. Skier

Klaus Obermeyer is a living legend. At 101-years-old he is a man who has acquired a lot of wisdom. As a young man he witnessed the rise of Nazi fascism and escaped Germany into Switzerland on skis. During the escape he was shot and fell off a cliff breaking his leg. Klaus managed to get out of the mountains alive and was found by a sympathetic nurse who hid him in a Swiss hospital until the WW2 was over.

Klaus immigrated to the United States after the war with only 10 dollars in his pocket. He then went on to create one of the most influential ski brands, “Obermeyer” Klaus invented the first puffy jackets, the ski brake, double-lined ski boots, sun screen and many other things.

His story teaches us that life is full of possibilities, and anything can be accomplished with the right vision and hard work.

We can all stand to learn a little about life from Klaus.

Klaus Obermeyer skiing at age 99

Klaus Obermeyer at 95