Odyssey Of The Five Lucky Bastards

Follow Jordy Kidner, Cody Bramwell, David Kantermo and others as they embark on a sail-and-shred journey of Greece in a feel-good short film, Odyssey Of The Five Lucky Bastards.

Since he was a child, professional snowboarder Cody Bramwell has spent his summers in Greece — but never once visited in the winter.

This year all that changed as he invited his pro skiing buddy Jordy Kidner and a bunch of friends on a sail-and-shred trip through this Ancient Land of the Gods.

Equipped with riding gear, motion sickness pills and low expectations, the crew hit the waters and set sail for the Greek mountains.

One week later, they had a radically changed perception about Greece — in the deepest sense.

Cody Bramwell
Jordy Kidner
David Kantermo
Nick Fakinos
Christian Manousaridis
Alex Nikoletopoulos
Alex Panagakos

A Movie by:
Marcus Ahlström