Ballet Skiing is Back

Ballet skiing combines the grace of dancing on snow, with awe-inspiring spins, flips, and ski control, all of which remain eye-wateringly extreme, decades on. It’s a romance of alpine skiing, ballet, acrobatics, musicality, and figure skating.

A new campaign for ballet skiing is the culmination of a dream to bridge the past with the present, and seeks to reclaim the glory of ski ballet – an extraordinary former Winter Olympic discipline, which was at its peak during the late 80s and early 90s – and to make the sport accessible for a new audience, by capturing its essence with modern photographic and videographic technology, in a way never witnessed before.

Working with Fabrice Becker (FRA), gold medallist at the ’92 Albertville Winter Olympics, and Annika Johansson (SWE), who took home 5th place at the same, and who both went on to dominate the ski ballet competition scene during the 90s and early 00s, we once again teamed up with world renowned photographer Matt Holyoak and videographer Scott Goedkoop, to produce a mesmerising film and an incredible selection of still imagery, showcasing Annika and Fabrice’s exceptional mastery of mind-bendingly complex manoeuvres, the likes of which many will never have seen.

Shot at 3,500m high on the Saas-Fee glacier over the first weekend of August 2023, what started as an original way to reminisce about an era when the quality, design, and longevity of sweaters like our own was commonplace, and to be expected as standard, quickly evolved into so much more than we could ever have imagined. We have Annika and Fabrice to thank from the bottom of our hearts for the determination and expertise that they brought to a sensational and unexpectedly emotional two day spectacle.


Ski Ballet ’92 Olympian – Annika Johansson
Ski Ballet ’92 Olympian – Fabrice Becker

Director – Matt Holyoak
Director’s Assistant – Sam Jupp
Director of Photography – Tom Frimley
Camera Operator – Scott Goedkoop
Production Assistant – Elliott Gunn
Logistics – Thibaut Lampe

Post Production – Studio RM
Colourist – Jamie Noble
Post Producer – Tomas Katter

Music Composer – Andrei “Sugar Jesus” Basirov

Executive Producers – Thomas Bata & Charlie Cazalet