Zugspitze – Top of Germany

The tallest peak in Germany, Zugspitze, opened a new record breaking ski lift: the world’s tallest steel tram tower at 417 feet, the world’s largest total height difference of 6381 feet over a section, and the world’s longest unsupported space at 10541 feet. It’s so significant they wrapped the cable cars with a coming soon message and had Santa belaying from it.

PR News Wire reports the new cable car at Zugspitze will cut at least 30 minutes from the current train ride up the mountain and transport four times as many people as the previous gondola.

The cable car has taken six years to plan and build will include two fully-glazed high capacity cabins that will transport up to 580 passengers per hour to the peak. Integrated window heaters will create spectacular year round 360​​° panoramic views of more than 400 alpine peaks in four different countries.

Here a couple of videos documenting the task of building this amazing lift:

With new technology our lift rides are becoming shorter and more exciting!