Keep Squaw True

Sierra Watch is fired up to announce that, today, The Movie to Keep Squaw True is streaming online for free! Ski resort conglomerate Alterra Mountain Company has proposed to remake Tahoe with development of a size, scale, and scope the region has never seen—including acres of high-rise condo hotels, a roller coaster, and a 90,000 square-foot indoor waterpark that would be wide as a Walmart and nearly three times as tall. Read more about the development here.

Scott Gaffney, award winning MSP Director, commented, “Protecting mountain culture and our mountain environments is only getting more and more critical as this world gets increasingly crowded and corporations try to get what they want in the name of short-sighted greed. Just think—the original version of this was even half an hour longer because there was so much to tell. Please, watch, learn, and support Sierra Watch and Keep Squaw True!”

Watch the following short clip, then see the entire movie here.

The film tells the epic story of how they’re stopping Alterra Mountain Company from turning a favorite Tahoe mountain into a Vegas-style amusement park.

Maybe you saw it on tour – now anyone, anywhere, can get an inside look at the biggest development fight currently raging in the Sierra Nevada – for free. Please share with your friends and family that care about our mountains!