Candide parts way with Faction

Candide Thovex posted a photo today holding a pair os skis and wrote “these will be his last skis with Faction Skis”.

Candide is one of the worlds best skiers and his statement has lead to great speculation on what his next pair of skis will be.

Faction produced Candide Thovex’s Signature skis, stating they are all about ultra-focused performance. “Responsive, high performance machines for those who demand the best from their equipment, just like Candide.”

Candide’s post complemented Faction, “After 10 years of partnership, I feel it is time for a fresh start. I started to work with Faction in its early days and I’m happy to see how much they have grown. Thank you Faction for all the good times. Thank you Alex, Tony, Beanie, Josh, Daniel, Tim and everybody at Faction that has worked with me over the years. I wish them all a bright future.”

At Ski The World we predict that Candide will follow his outerwear line and produce his own skis, branded CANDIDE.

CANDIDE is a technical outerwear, apparel and accessory brand that redefines the rules. Brainchild of Candide Thovex – one of freeskiing’s most creative, uncompromising and unconventional individuals – the collections are sustainably crafted by passionate professionals who bring Candide’s unique vision for timeless style, optimal function, and high-level performance to life.

What ever direction Candide takes, we wish him the best from Ski The World!