K2’s Award Winning Pinnacle Series

K2’s Award Winning Pinnacle Series could be the best lineup of directional freeride series skis ever produced.

Pushing what is possible in freeride skis, K2’s Pinnacle Series offers a ski for everyone, tuned for performance and ready to ski anywhere. These do everything skis offer unparalleled charging power on groomed and make for seamless transitions when grabbing a powder stash. Whether you’re connecting tight turns through the trees, taking full advantage of powder days or carving firmer, variable snow, the Pinnacles are the ski for all terrain.

Completely updated for 2017 with a redesigned core featuring more mass over the edges, the Pinnacle 95 and Pinnacle 105 offer the same legendary control and maneuverability, but now with more power and stability. The optimized Nanolite Konic construction combines a super lightweight, low-density aerospace grade composite core that runs through the center and extremities of the ski, with mass over the edges for the utmost in power and versatility in all conditions. The Pinnacle has the density and dampness for high end ripping, these skis are a quiver killer.

The 118 is another great all-round ski that’s very good in deep powder and rips up the groomed with with both large and short radius turns. The 118 width doesn’t appeal to all skiers however those who like wider ski underfoot will love it, especially if you like to ski fast on steep terrain and have the extra float in powder. The 188’s versatility makes it a suitable everyday ski for anyone skiing in a powder zone like British Columbia.

Skiing, like many great things, is about connection. Connecting to nature, connecting with friends and family for a day outside in the cold air. Sometimes connecting with yourself, the kid in you or the competitor in you, or simply some peace for a moment as you glide silently over snow.

I live and ski in Fernie BC and frequently travel to ski other Kootenay resorts. We don’t ski boiler plate in the Kootenays and the Pinnacle series keeps us smiling. I’m riding a 191 Pinnacle 118 and my 14 year old is charging on a 177 Pinnacle 105. If you’re looking for a great ski, consider K2’s Pinnacle series, and keep your smiles glowing!