Blackcomb: Without Long Lift Lines and Cut-up Snow

By Willi Vogl

  1. Be the first one on the lift in the morning (take advantage of the early morning offers)
  2. Have a late lunch at about 1:30 –2:00 pm, and your are done for the day.
  3. First up, do a couple of warm-up runs on Solarcoaster, Cruiser, Springboard Run etc.
  4. Watch the green light for Seventh Heaven, when it’s green immediately head over there.
  5. You’ll get 4 to 5 runs without lineups.
  6. By about 9:30 lineups will get big, so head to the Glacier Chair.
  7. At the Glacier after 3 to 4 runs the lineup will build there.
  8. If there is fresh powder and Blackcomb Glacier is open, make the next run there. If it’s not open or all cut-up, head to Crystal Chair usually no lineup at that point.
  9. Take 2 or 3 runs on the Crystal Chair and make a final run via Rock’n Roll or Ridge Runner to Excalibur Chair.
  10. Usually you will get there about noon, still a bit of lineup but everyone is going in to lunch.
  11. Ski Excalibur and Solarcoster top to the Valley (if its good to the Valley) until about 1:30 or 2:00pm and go for lunch, best at the bottom. At this time it’s time to pack it in. You’ll have skied your buns of for at least 5 hours non-stop in the best snow condition from fresh corduroy to fresh powder.
  12. It won’t get better much than that. If you don’t believe me call me and I’ll show you.