Why is Whistler/Blackcomb the best Ski Resort?

  1. Whistler/Blackcomb is located about 2 hours, on an unbelievable scenic drive north of Vancouver, probably the most beautiful city of in the world.
  2. Whistler/Blackcomb resort is big. Vertical 1,700 meters(one mile), transportation by quad chairs, 200 runs, all falline, it doesn’t get much bigger and certainly not better than that. I have only skied more vertical in one run, from a 6,500 meter peak in the Himalayas of northern India.
  3. The resort is not at high altitude (lots of good air to breath, not the thin stuff at high altitudes like at many other, nevertheless good resorts, in the rest of the world) yet in a single run you will ski from the glaciers through alpine meadows to tree lined runs, in one continues falling without traverses.
  4. What that means is you have great skiing conditions in any weather. On a cloudy, snowy and foggy day you will have flat light above the treeline, which means you are basically blind. You can hardly see the snow you are standing on, but when you are below the treeline and ski close to the trees your visibility is quite good, not perfect, but still very enjoyalble. If you get caught in a day like this in any of the major resorts in the rest of the world, they are all above the trees, (exept the U.S.) you better learn how to ski by braile.
  • Patrick Comey

    Good to see you persuing your passion, Willi! I worked for you and Bill Knight, Mel Medic, John Arbuckle, from 1974 – 79 at Olympic Sports & Ski World, at the warehouse and at Caplino Road. I went onto SFU – Business and spent 25 years in book publishing sales. I taught skiing up at Mount Seymour for 2 years with Wayne Wong, owned a place at Alta vista II for a couple of years, and have skied since my Grouse Days in 1967. I’m currently working for Jim Pattison Hyundai, at North Shore Auto Mall, so if you ever need a Santa-Fe or Tucson AWD SUV, let me know! Is Sue Christopher still teaching school up at Whistler?

    Pat Comey