Ski Whistler Blackcomb with Willi

Why ski Whistler Blackcomb with Willi? Because he is one of the finest private ski instructors at Whistler/Blackcomb!

As the marketer of the Warren Miller Films for 25 years in Canada, Willi showcased the annual, world-renowned ski and snowboard film to sold out audiences across Canada, Germany and Austria. He also planned and executed trips to the most unique filming locations and produced a number of thrilling sequences in awe-inspiring places around the world. The locations included Antarctica, the Himalayas, China, Japan, Austria, Switzerland, France and Canada!

As an expert skier, he was also a featured skier in more than ten Warren Miller Films.

Willi’s View:

Having skied there for a number of years, produced film sequences and now teaching at Whistler, Willi says it’s the best ski resort in the world. “My association with Warren Miller Films gave me the opportunity to “Ski The World” in some of the finest and exotic resorts. None compares to Whistler/Blackcomb.”

Why Whistler/Blackcomb is the best:
• About 2 hours from Vancouver, get ready for the most breathtaking, scenic drive to Whistler. Yup just that is worth the trip!

• It’s a two-fer ! Two mountains, Whistler and Blackcomb, unparalleled variety of terrain and spectacular views of the glaciers and surrounding mountains

• Talk about winter sports heaven – alpine skiing, snowboarding, helicopter skiing/boarding, cross country, biathlon and skate skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating, hockey, snowmobiling, dog sledding, zip lining, bungee jumping and not for the faint of heart bobsledding and skeleton!

• Wow factor! Both mountains are accessible from the village and from the top by taking the Peak-to-Peak gondola with the jaw dropping highest elevation in the world at 436 meters (1300 feet). The 360-degree views are awesome!

• Vertical drop from both peaks to the valley is 1600 meters. That’s right, one mile! Doesn’t get better than that.

• From glaciers through alpine meadows to tree lined runs, all fall line, no traversing – count me in!

• Heli skiing on 432,000 acres and 173 glaciers, pick your day, days, or week.

• Low altitude 2000 to 7500 ft (650 – 2300 M) No nose bleeding, no head aches, no shortage of breath

• Grooming is tops!

• Lack of snow? Not here, with an average snow depth between 2,0 meters (7 feet) to 3,0 meters (10 feet). Now that’s deep!

• On a powder day it’s over the top!

• On a sunny day, dawn the shades, slap on the sunscreen and head above the tree line. It’s glacier and alpine meadow skiing/boarding at it’s best.

• On a cloudy or snowy day, ditch the flat light above the tree line, because you can hardly see the snow you’re standing on and may even lose your sense of direction. Now what? Head for the trees – below the tree line that is – for great snow and visibility! Secret – most major ski resorts around the world are located above the tree line – ouch!

• The Snow School is A+, 10 star, award winning material!

• Superb snoozing in BB’s up to 5 star hotels.

• Foodie heaven. Fine dining, casual and family friendly restaurants, grab and run take-outs, all with unique local and international flavours tempting all palettes and tastes – yum! And top that off with the best pub and club crawling.

• Walk it, free shuttle it to the lifts and anywhere in the Village.

The Tourists’ Tweet:
A little sample of the chit chatter about Whistler/Blackcomb:
the skiing here is amazing… the variety of runs… it’s so beautiful here….. all the people are so friendly and helpful, especially the lifties… lift lines are so well organized, no pushing, no body armour (as required in Europe), everybody is courteous … my kids really like the Kids Camp… great restaurants…what a beautiful place to spend our holiday…we’ll be back for sure!

Go Private with Willi:
Now that you know who Willi is, why not consider having private ski lessons from him. Call Ryan Pepper at 1-604-966-8820, or Ryan Staley at 1-604-698-5396, or email Willi

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Canadian Certification: 

CSIA (Canadian Ski Instructor Association): Level 4
CSC (Canadian Ski Coaching Federation): Level 1

International Certification:
Instructor de ski Skilehrwart, Austria
Instruttore di sci Oesterreichischer Skiverband, Austria

Looking forward to seeing you on the slopes,