Willi’s Lifetime Skis

I got my first pair of Fischer skis for Christmas when I was 10 years old. At that time Fischer has been already making skis for 25 years. Over the years I had been skiing on the wooden to Aly(metal skis) to the famous Fiberglas C4’s.

Black Tusk

In 1986 I joined Warren Miller and his son Kurt to work with the legendary Warren Miller ski films. I produced ski sequences and skied in Warren’s films all over the world, from Antarctica to the Himalayas, Japan, China and all over Europe and of course Canada. Many years later Kurt decided to sell the company to someone who wanted it badly and paid top dollars. The new owners didn’t have the vision to continue with Warren’s legacy. Warren and the rest of us retired and went skiing.

At that point I joined Whistler/Blackcomb to teach Private Lessons and at the end and beginning of every season I’m testing all the major new brands to be able to recommend to my clients which would be the most suitable skis for their ability.

Fisher skis

Again this year again Fischer skis came out on top!!!

“High Performance”
Progresso F17, – 121/75/104, Radius: 13-17m Length: 160,165,170,175cm

It’s still the best ski I’ve ever skied on Length 170cm, effort less short turns, long carving turns, groomed, hard pack, crud, ice and even powder.

Ranger 90 TI – 132/90/120, Radius: 22m. Length: 170/178,186cm
Ranger 98 TI – 132

“High Performance”
Processor F18, – 122/74/103, Radius: 12-15m, Length: 150/155/160/170/175cm

“All Mountain”
Motive 76 Power ail – 122/76/106, Radius: 17m, Length: 154/161/168,175cm
Motive 86TI 128/86/116, Radius: 17m, Length: 161/168/175/182cm

Ivory Power track + T50114 – 118/68/100, Radius: 13m, Length: 150/155/160/165cm
Trinity Women track – 118/68/100, Radius: 13m, Length: 150/155/160/165cm

KOA 8 Power track + T50114 – 122/80/110, Radius: 15m, Length: 147/154/161/168cm

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When you buy skis, make sure “YOU TRY THEM BEFORE YOU BUY THEM”. It’s very important you like the skis. The skis have the have the right dimensions and length for your ability. It’s better to ski them shorter than to long.

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